Ookey Spooky

OOOOoooo, are you afraid of the dark?

Why not shock, scare and entertain your guests with our fun ooky spooky themes!

Not just for Halloween, this theme works at any time of the year.
Suitable for large or small events, dinner or cocktail, there are so many elements we can play with from a variety of Scare ’em movies like Friday 13th’s , Nightmare on Elm st, Frankenstein, Nosferatu, Halloween, Creatures of the night, Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas” and even Rocky Horror picture show has memorable scenes, and there is the delightful quirky Addams Family too!

Tables decorated with dead  cobweb draped tree branches, haunting lamps and spooky lighting effects, from pumpkins to blood splattered overlays there is just SO MUCH inspirational material to play with!

And yet it can still be so elegant – with a twist of course!

Why not add a graveyard to the mix complete with skeletons and zombies , even Freddie has been know to be found lurking there!
This is a fun theme with a difference. Contact us now for more information…. if you dare!!!

To find out more, call us on 07 3206 2933 or contact us.