Conferencing with Flair

Shock your delegates awake!

What are they expecting? – another long day in a conference room, water, pad, pen, boring bowl of mints  and hours of presentations – sigh! and they will retain how much??

Soooo – Change it! Awake them up! Excite them!

Change their attitude from the moment they walk in that door – these pictures really say it all








The Expected  – Verses – the Unexpected and exciting!   a room full of colour!

This creates an instant attitude change to exciting and curious and receptive! – and all you did was add colour and lollypops!

So let us breathe life and excitement into your next meeting or conference with creative and fun ideas. Keep your delegates engaged with a variety interactive and team building opportunities, or utilize the many branding solutions options, we can also recommend and provide awesome key note/motivational speakers, and your conference AV requirements too if you would like us to! Just talk to us about you conference goals and let our creative team come up with the answers!

Oh – and we can even make lunch more interesting………

To find out more, call us on 07 3206 2933 or contact us.